Eric Saranto

I discovered my gift and passion for hair design at the tender age of five when I stumbled across a bottle of hair gel. I remember spending an hour locked in my room in front of a mirror styling my hair to perfection. I was always interested in having a great hair cut and looking good but I just couldn't find the right person to do it. So at the age of eleven I would go home after a hair cut and just start cutting it myself until it was perfect.

"I knew I had found my life’s passion!"

After finishing beauty school in 1987 I moved from Walla Walla to Seattle at the age of nineteen in search for my creative niche. Being inspired by and training with trend-setting hair designers and motivational mentors such as Sam Brocato, Irvine Rusk, Geno Stamporo, Michael Cole and the Mascolo brothers of TONI&GUY, I decided to embark on my journey towards Transformational hair design.

The Road Less Traveled

Within the first years of my career, my unique artistic vision and ability to intuit clients’ needs secured me a place among the top Seattle hair designers. However, I truly itched for the freedom to run my own business. In 1994 I opened my first salon, Center of Attention.    

During this time I produced and starred in my own hair styling video. After several successful years running the salon, I decided it was time for a change. In 2002, I moved locations to the urban chic neighborhood of Mapleleaf and launched Sarantos Transformational Hair Color & Design. In late 2012, with nearly 25 years of experience under my belt, I was inspired by new beginnings and transformed the look and name of the salon to the Eric Saranto Salon.

"Now here we are at 36 years in the business and I’m more passionate about designing the look that accentuates your best features and makes you feel amazing about yourself."

A Vision for Excellence

I believe in delivering value and exceptional personal service for customers’ time and investment. I am committed to superior customer satisfaction and creating lasting, satisfying relationships. I  strive for open, honest communication with customers and I encourage my clients to go beyond the ordinary and be open to fabulous new possibilities.